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Preservation Solutions

Log & Beam Treatment

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Log & Beam Treatment is specially formulated to slow the drying of logs, beams and timbers, which significantly reduces cracking splitting, checking and warping caused by shrinkage.  It acts as a wood conditioner and allows the wood to breathe while drying.

Since Log & Beam Treatment does not tie up moisture in the wood, it eliminates the chances of rotting from within.  It can be used on hand-hewn, milled and hand peeled logs and timber. Wood can be treated and dried inside new construction sites. Great for use on accent logs and beams, archways, columns, railings, stairs, etc.


  • Brings out the natural color and enhances the grain of the wood
  • Will not darken wood, allowing it to age naturally
  • Does not form a film
  • Will penetrate deep into the wood
  • Oil-based stains and dyes can be added to Log & Beam Treatment or applied before or after treatment
  • Contains a natural UV protectant, which slows oxidation
  • Please smell - no foul odors or harmful fumes

The Log & Beam Treatment is easy to apply and cleans up with soap and water.

For drum orders, please contact us at 303.642.3060 so we can arrange for shipping. 

Drum Orders:

30 gallon drum Log & Beam Treatment $1,129.50
55 gallon drum Log & Beam Treatment $1,785.50