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Preservation Solutions

Leather Rejuvenator

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Leather Rejuvenator is a strong leather conditioner developed for treating extremely dry or water damaged leather. Stiff, damaged and antique leather must be treated carefully using the correct products. Leather Rejuvenator is a conditioner that provides the essential oils lost in the leather over time due to use, the environment, heat and age.

Leather Rejuvenator is a blend of polymers and co-polymers that form a flexible interweaving substructure which adds strength to the leather while softening it. It also works well to replace the oils in poorly tanned leather.  It will prevent  further deterioration while not darkening the leather.

Leather Rejuvenator is used globally by museums and antique leather restorers.  For leather that is in fragile condition, flaking or peeling see our Restoration Leather Conditioner.