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Preservation Solutions

Exterior Wood Sealer

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Preservation Solutions’ Exterior Wood Sealer is a safe product formulated specifically for green/wet wood that is outdoors. It is strong enough to keep the wood stabilizers (Pentacryl, Wood Juice and Log & Beam Treatment) from leaching out in the weather, yet gentle enough to still allow the wood to breathe and continue to dry.

Great for outdoor wood carvings, wood furniture, log, beam or timber home siding and other exterior wood pieces.

Exterior Wood Sealer is clear and contains a UV protectant to help prevent sun fading and keep your wood looking new.

It is safe and easy to apply with a paint brush or sprayer and cleans up with soap and water.

For drum orders, please contact us at 303.642.3060 so we can arrange for shipping. 

Drum Orders:

30 gallon drum Exterior Wood Sealer $871.95
55 gallon drum Exterior Wood Sealer $1,444.95