DIY Rustic Holiday Table Decor with Wood Cookes

Are you looking for a quick and easy way to add some rustic holiday charm to your table this year? Then why not decorate your dining table with wood cookies? They are the perfect way to add some natural charm to your table. In this post, we'll show several rustic Christmas tablescapes using wood cookies. These simple decorations are perfect for adding a touch of natural charm to your dining area. 

rustic wood cookie christmas table

What is a Wood Cookie?

Wood "cookies" are cross-cut sections of wood that are increasingly popular in home decor. They bring a natural, rustic look to any project. Wood cookies are usually cut from hardwood trees like oak or maple and they can come in a variety of shapes - from discs, rounds, slices, and logs.

Since they are cut from logs, they are the perfect size for tabletop decor, like cake stands, candle holders, and centerpieces. You can also add some festive holiday touches to the cookies such as a name tag or a string of lights. They can be left in their beautiful, natural wood state or they can be painted, stained, or decorated with paper or fabric.

How to Use Wood Cookies in Table Decor

Wood cookies are incredibly versatile when it comes to decorating your holiday table. To use them, simply arrange a cluster of wood cookies on your table. Then add accents like candles, pine cones, greenery, and other holiday decor items to create an inviting tablescape.

You might use a large wood cookie at each setting as a charger plate, or a few smaller ones as coasters. You can also place wood cookies around a tiered cake stand or create an eye-catching centerpiece with wooden logs and other festive decorations. You're only limited by your imagination!

Stabilize Your Wood Cookies with Pentacryl So They Last for Years

The only problem with wood cookies is that fresh cut wood will crack and split when it dries, ruining your gorgeous creations. If you want your wood cookie decorations to last for many years, you'll need to stabilize them with a product like Pentacryl green wood stabilizer.

If you decide to make your own wood cookie projects, use Pentacryl (and follow the steps here) to keep your wood cookies from cracking. That way, your hard work will last all season long, and for many years to come!

Examples of Rustic Holiday Table Decor with Wood Cookes

Now that you know what wood cookies are and how to use them in your holiday decor, let's take a look at some inspiring tablescapes:

DIY wood cookie holiday table decor


DIY wood cookie holiday tableVia

DIY wood cookie holiday tableVia

DIY christmas wood cookie tableVia

Christmas wood cookie tableVia

Wood cookie tablescapes

wood cookie christmas tablescapevia