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Pentacryl Green Wood Stabilizer

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Pentacryl has revolutionized green wood stabilization. This solution will significantly reduce or prevent cracking, checking, warping, and shrinking as green wood dries. Take your woodworking projects to the next level with Pentacryl by reducing waste in high value green wood.

Pentacryl penetrates wood intercell walls and capillaries and displaces moisture. Once dry it leaves a thin coating on the cell walls preventing them from shrinking.

Pentacryl is used by professional and hobbyist woodworkers. It is perfect for wood carvers, wood turners, wood furniture makers, and anyone working with green wood.

Pentacryl Green Wood Stabilizer is highly effective on both softwood and hardwood including: fruitwood, bamboo, exotic wood and more. Apply Pentacryl by brushing on or by full submersion.

Pentacryl will not discolor the wood and will not oxidize, decompose, or migrate in the wood when exposed to different degrees of temperature and humidity. Pentacryl will leave your wood looking clean and bright while also making woodworking, turning, and carving easier as it lubricates the tools. Pentacryl treated and dried wood will look and feel natural. It can be sanded, stained, glued, wood burned and/or finished.

See the Wood Calculator to know how much Pentacryl your project will need.

For drum orders, please contact us at 303.642.3060 so we can arrange for shipping. 

Drum Orders:

30 gallon drum Pentacryl $1,289.50
55 gallon drum Pentacryl $1,894.50