Maymont Boat: Waterlogged Wood Conservation

Restored by:
Lyle Browning, Archaeological Society of Virgina, ASV
and Bill Trout, Virginia Canals & Navigations Society, VCNS

This is a hull of a 15’ by 80’ foot Kanawha canal boat which was discovered in Maymont Park, City of Richmond, Virginia in 1976 by Bill Trout of the Virginia Canals & Navigations Society, VCNS. It was excavated in 1999-2000 by Lyle Browning with the Archaeological Society of Virginia, ASV.


The boat was removed in 8′ long segments to be road legal and transported to E.T. Moore & Company wood yard in Richmond, VA to be treated.



The boat segments were dried out prior to treating. We hosed off the wood to remove mud and dirt. The SP-11 was painted on multiple times and then covered in plastic to dry slowly. The SP-11 has stabilized the wood and prevented further degradation.

The boat is currently in storage until it can be displayed.