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Preservation Solutions

End Grain Sealer Red

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Treating a large amount of wood at different times of the year? Or different species? Or need a way to differentiate between your wood stacks? Try our colored End Grain Sealer.  Unlike the clear version, this will dry a bright RED color.  Both products work the same – they are a non-toxic wax emulsion that is applied to the end grain of green wood, logs, lumber or the face grain of turning blanks or carvings.

It is particularly beneficial when you want to slow the drying of large pieces of Pentacryl treated green wood. Since the end grain dries much faster than the rest of the wood, sealing this area forces the middle to dry at the same rate as the end grain – uniform drying in green wood is what we want.

Sealing the end grain of untreated green wood also prevents cracking and checking in this area, thus saving more wood by not having to cut the cracked area off.