Wood Stabilizer Prevents Cracks

There are many beautiful species of green wood in many different shapes and sizes, which makes using this wood popular for creating crafts, rustic wood décor and wedding center pieces. However, stopping green wood from cracking and splitting as it dries can be challenging.

Pentacryl was developed to meet this challenge. It is a stabilizer that will prevent green wood from cracking, checking and splitting as it dries. Pentacryl also prevents warping and irregular drying.

Pentacryl is Safe and Easy to Use

  • Simply soak your wood in Pentacryl or brush it on
  • Dry the wood slowly
  • Treated wood can be sanded, stained, glued, wood burned and/or sealed
  • Works great on all hard and softwoods

See our step-by-step video guide on treating and drying wood cookies with Pentacryl